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AI semantic search & no-hallucination LLM chat infra
AI infra
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Bring your data, we'll handle the rest. We create embeddings for you, store them in a vector db, and coordinate metadata joins with a transactional db. Includes best in class API for data servicing and white-label UI's for semantic/full-text search and source-cited llm-chat. Bring your models or use our top-ranked single-tenant defaults.

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The best infrastructure for your semantic search and no-hallucination LLM-chat needs

Discover a new level of performance and value with our innovative and user-friendly platform. Transform your data into cutting-edge internal and external AI experiences.

  • Data/Document to embedding pipeline with default or custom segmentation
  • White-label semantic/full-text search UI for maximum precision querying
  • White-label llm-chat UI that cites your data for no-hallucination natural language assistance
Make Data-Driven Decisions

AI infrastructure you’ll enjoy using

Our system is designed to adapt to your team's needs and grow with you. As your team develops new embedding and LLM models, our system will automatically update to reflect the changes. No need to worry about building a performant and scalable API or client-side application. We've got you covered.

  • Embedding and LLM model independent
  • Pick any SQL database compatible with diesel for your OLTP storage
  • Work with your vector database of choice
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Our platform enables you to launch your data-driven projects with ease. Boost productivity and achieve better results. Empower your teams with semantic search and LLM-chat that cites your data sources.

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